We have several warm & hospitable hostels along the A-Trail; in Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire. We would love to have you join us for an overnight stay!


 Hiking on the CDT? We have a beautiful camp-style hostel along the Rio Chama in north central New Mexico, near Abiquiu.


Still in its infancy, we are just getting going with a hostel for PCT hikers. Bring your skills with work/trade. We also have a nearby avocado ranch in northern San Diego county if you need to rest up before continuing your hike.

Welcome to Hiker's Hostel

We offer friendly lodging and accommodations for hikers along several of the major trails in the United States, including the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail (CDT), and Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). We accept donations or Work for Trade. Come for a day or to stay!

  • Rutland, VT (A-Trail)
  • Lancaster, NH (A-Trail)
  • Hillsboro, VA (A-Trail)
  • Marshall, MI (North Country Trail)
  • Abiquiu, NM (CDT)
  • Boulder, CO (CDT)
  • Mt. Laguna/Sunrise Hwy (PCT)

About Us

Rutland, VT hostel Our premier hostel location along the Appalachian Trail is Rutland, VT. We've been operating as a hostel since 2012 in that location, offering hikers rides into town and a clean, affordable place to stay and clean up. Downstairs, we also run a small casual café-style restaurant named The Yellow Deli. We also have other locations along the trail: our organic Stoneybrook Farm in Hillsboro, VA (near Harper's Ferry, WV). We also have another WV hostel in development nearby.

Meanwhile, along the Continental Divide Trail, we have a camp-style hostel being developed along the Rio Chama in north central New Mexico, near Abiquiu. Accessible by bus, we also have a mesa property just outside the city limits of Boulder, Colorado, looking toward the Flatirons. In downtown Boulder, we also run a restaurant called The Yellow Deli. Volunteers and work trade is requested there, but come as you are! 

Organic Farms

We have about a dozen organic farms in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico). We welcome visitors and workers to come and stay with us — for a day or forever!

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Workaway Opportunities

Planning to travel overseas to North America? We welcome visitors and guest from overseas to stay with us and help us improve our hostels, organic farms, and community dwellings.

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Interested in a communal lifestyle? Our life of togetherness parallels that of the early believers in the Book of Acts who lived together, shared their meals, and held all property in common.

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